About Us

Keep Food Safe is an organization founded to support those who have been poisoned and made ill by food that they trusted from other parties. No matter how many stages food must goes through to make it to the consumer: from the provider, to the transporters, to the stores, or to a restaurant, people have a right to trust the food they eat, and for their health to not be jeopardized.

Most of us have gotten sick from food poisoning before, but in the worst cases people can be hospitalized or worse as a result of their symptoms.

Keep Food Safe is dedicated to educating the public on current food outbreaks, as well as safe practices for food service companies, and consumers. By stopping outbreaks sooner and educating others, we can continue to trust the food we consume.

Naturally, with the production and handling of food, there are many laws to ensure safety, and health. However, these laws are sometimes side-stepped or not followed, when companies prioritize profit over consumer safety. This needs to be addressed, and is the reason why Keep Food Safe exists. According to the CDC, in the US 48 million people get sick each year from foodborne illnesses, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. In every case, these illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths are completely preventable. Everyone involved from the consumer, the law makers, the legal system, and most importantly the food handlers need to work together to keep food safe for everyone. 

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